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Masterclass Arte della Lirica Italiana(2°edition)
Tokyo 31 may-3 april 2018
Fukuoka 6-9 april 2018
Voice technique and interpretation : Elizabeth Norberg-Schulz
Analysis of lyrical -musical text :     Carlo Boschi

◆Comments from participants.
“I was lucky to happen to know about the existence of the Masterclass and I also found the courage to participate.”
Naoko Yokouchi

I’ve always loved to sing. But now, to make it a real profession, I have to work hard, both mentally and technically. So, when I heard about the existence of the Masterclass, I thought it was a valuable opportunity to experience a completely new teaching. The news I read on the web and the particular characteristics of the courses, then I decided to subscribe. Now, in the end, I can say that it was wonderful to participate!

The lessons of Professor Boschi taught me in a more specific and specialized way what I was already studying. I was able to know in detail the differences between the composers and the characteristics of each composition. I learned a lot about each author and fully understood the secrets of the songs I was studying. If you don’t understand these aspects, the performance remains vague and blurred: you have to deepen the text and its relationship with the music. Afterwards I was very confident in expressing what I had learned.
The lessons of teacher Elizabeth are too intense to find the right words to describe them.She was always precise, enthusiastic, engaging and friendly with all of us: a great learning experience. I will never compromise after this Masterclass: there is a very strong impression in my body and I don’t want to lose or betray her. Even if some time has passed, its effect is still alive inside me.
Above all, it was a great opportunity to discover my new potential.

I was able to happily overcome the surprises and embarrassments of the beginning, to fix all the novelties that have arisen. The teacher said, “Your body should know what suits you best.  I am very grateful to the two teachers for their teachings and for their many encouragements.
Thank you very much.
In the future I will go to Italy to continue these studies!

◆The Masterclass seen by auditors
Thank you so much for this opportunity!
The lessons I have heard are a great news in Japan and what I have heard has really surprised and amazed me. From the teachings of Professor Boschi I learned the importance of deepening the meaning of the text and its relationship with music. Teacher Norberg Schulz is extraordinarily engaging and enthusiastic, follows the students closely and makes them repeat with such energy, until you get extraordinary results in a very short time. I’ve gotten a lot from listening to his lectures and I’ve been fully satisfied with this work.
Very nice, the character of the teachers and Satoko Kawabata, perfect organizer, the atmosphere of the place and the friendship that is created immediately between the students: they were all very happy. I was surprised at how important the use of the body is and admired to hear the big changes in the voice of the students in just 4 days. In this respect, I was particularly impressed by the case of a student who presented himself with a problem that had been going on for a long time and that was solved by the Teacher in a very short time, with the correction of a few technical aspects in the issue. I would like to meet two teachers as often as possible: thank you for creating such an original course and I hope to participate as “effective” next year.
I got to know this Masterclass through a web search and, as a first time, I learned more than I imagined, even just as an auditor.
I have found answers to problems that have not yet been solved, I have admired the passionate and professional attitude of the teachers: it seems to me that I have seriously understood the characters of opera music.
I will definitely come back to the next appointment!
Thank you!

M. – Student of private lessons
Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.
Already on the way home I wanted to sing again. I was so excited! I was closed by my family. . .??
For example, I thought about the high notes: before they were so sloppy and thrown out without awareness. As I sang I had a sense of fear. But then I saw the Teacher as my way out: I decided to resume Traviata after a long time, to accept the challenge.
It was a really great lesson: the more I sang, the more I wanted to sing. I learned a lot about how to use my body, breath, phrasing, musicality, etc. … Everything will have to be improved little by little and I hope that we will often return to these Masterclasses. Now I would like to record immediately what I have conquered and make it feel again to the Teacher.
K. – Student of private lessons
Teacher Elizabeth’s lesson was really wonderful! ︎ We focused on the specific pronunciation of the vowels “u” and “o”.
Although my Italian still needs to improve, I started to find new solutions. I understood the movement of the mandible, how to move the temporomandibular joint and the state of the soft palate connected to it. I am analysing myself.
There is a sense in this very natural emission system: the voice seems to fly and resonates much more. “The tone is bright, but the depth and three-dimensional feel of the voice is necessary. How do you use your body for that purpose?
Starting from these teachings I also did my own research. As for the way you use your body, I feel like I’ve reached a good point, but in a forthcoming lesson with Teacher Elizabeth, I want to learn more about what we’ve done this time.
Now, it is my responsibility to continue with the daily practice: it has been very rewarding. Thank you very much!

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